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Are you thinking about buying a property in Spain


This guide sets out essencial information for foreigners waiting to buy a property in Spain.


Many porperty owners encounter problems with their property because they did not seek independent legal advice.

Salido Abogados is an independent law firm and we have twenty years experience assisting buyers in property purchases and sales.


The Spanish property convenyancing system is different in most to country do you should ensure that those involved in the transaction are qualified and experienced in Costa del Sol.

Extreme caution should be exercised particulary if an estate agent promoter or a lawyer urges you to cut corners to save money or time.

A notary public must be involved in the complition in order to issue the public records is complete the transfer.

Remember the qualified and experience lawyers in Spain are Spanish and we have specific expertise area in the field of conveyancing and litigation.


  • Check the land Registry.
  • Check land registered owners.
  • Chek for debts or changes registered against the property.
  • Examine the planning law.
  • Examine the planning permissions to ensurethey are in order and the property is legal built.
  • If you are buying an off-plan property, we confirm that the property has been certified as finished, will banks guarantees, etc.
  • Check insourance against structural and other defects in the construction, licenses, scrow account for deposits.
  • If you are buying a plot, check if there is any building restrictions, green zone, public parthway or similars burdens.
  • We can arrange and carry out a property survey where .
  • We will caculate taxes for stamp duties or others taxes ifitis apliable.
  • Chek unpaid rates, amount and cost comunity fees, and ensure all utility bills have been discharged by previous owners before completion. All taxation reports and documents will be produced by us.
  • Calculate any kind of additional costs as uncotage fees, international bank transferfesxees to arrange power of attorney register, translation, legal fees…