óT ‘€ôa‘‘B¸Ű]h‘Ŕşa‘čÜ]h‘HÜ]h‘đÁa Mediation - Salido Abogados


Mediation is one of the main services that manage to provide our clients with an effective solution to their conflicts, as an alternative to legal proceedings or as a first step before taking any further action.

In answer to our clients’ needs, both private individuals and companies, we offer mediation services as a way to resolve conflict, as this has significant advantages that are highly valued by our clients and which translate into an effective solution to their problems, saving a significant amount of time and money.
Apart from these important advantages, mediation achieves results that are much more satisfactory for the parties involved, as it helps find solutions that are much more personalised and practical than those sometimes provided by the courts.

From the voluntary nature of mediation, and under the professional and qualified intervention of the mediator, who works from a neutral position but in direct contact with the parties involved, it is easier to close the gap between conflicting parties and reach agreements that are feasible and that both parties are able to fulfil. Consequently, it is a very effective way of solving existing differences between our clients and their opponents, with a much more practical and responsive result than any decision coming from a third party that has no inside knowledge of the case, such as a judge or an arbitrator.

It is a highly recommended procedure in family matters because it allows a more direct contact with the parties in dispute and, thus, with the extent of their expectations. Additionally, privacy and the emotional weight that such matters involve are much more respected because of the confidentiality of mediation, which is increasingly common in all types of litigation, including those of a purely commercial or corporate nature.

Our legislation and our legal system, in recognition of the benefits of mediation, are evolving in the sense that they now lend a greater weight to the presence of this practice within the practice of law, and it is currently optional to resort to the process of mediation as a means of reaching a solution to one’s legal problems.
The professionals at Salido Abogados have extensive experience and the best technical and human qualifications to advise and assist you in this highly recommended form of conflict resolution, which in our experience tends to yield more than satisfactory results for both parties, minimising the costs of time and money and, most importantly, reducing our clients’ emotional distress.